Labeling Systems and Applications

05 Dec

When the profitability and productivity of your company are heavily dependent on the purchase of a new labeling and label system, CTM Labeling Systems pride themselves in offering you the chance to invest in top-rate labelling equipment which revolutionizes the daily operations of your company s daily operations. Labelling machines have been around for ages and they have always been vital to the industry. They have always been used for tasks such as product identification and to ensure the protection of packaging materials, both in and out of the manufacturing plant. However, the advent of computers and other modern day labelling equipment has provided companies with the chance to greatly increase their functionality. Labels can now be printed in high resolution and at unbelievable speed.
The CTM Labeling Systems label applicator is the ultimate solution for businesses who are looking to improve and streamline their labeling systems. Every single piece of labeling equipment sold by CTM is engineered with advanced technology to perform with the utmost perfection.

 They are designed to meet the requirements of every labeling job, from product identification to the detailed assembly of products. Labeling systems are designed to perfectly match the labeling needs of every product, ensuring a perfect match every time.
Every single Labeling Systems unit sold is engineered with the most cutting edge technology and innovative design. There are a wide range of labeling systems available to meet every labeling job you may encounter. All products are engineered with high quality parts and built with heavy duty bearings to ensure a lifetime of dependable performance and ease of operation. Labeling systems are available with everything you could possibly need to make your job easier, more efficient and more accurate; this is because every product sold by CTM has been thoroughly tested and approved to ensure that it functions as per its specifications and that no other machine in the industry is able to perform the same functions.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has continually tested and approved many products, such as the CTM RFID Labeling Systems, to meet all FDA requirements pertaining to food labeling. The CTM RFID is an engineered database of barcodes used to implement a system that will ensure a complete and accurate reading of all product data. This system not only helps reduce wastage of resources, but also saves valuable time, labor, and money. CTM RFID Labeling Systems are used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and several other industries to simplify the whole supply chain process.

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has approved numerous Food and Drug products, including the CTM RFID Labeling Systems. These products have proven their abilities to be dependable, user-friendly, cost-effective and highly effective. The FDA has approved the following products as eligible labels for use in food labeling applications: CTM Single Label Dispensers, Matl Energy Drinks Ready Protein Bars, Matl Ready Juice, Mattle Energy Drink & Tea Ready Bars, Mattle Energy Drink & Tea packets, Mattle Energy Drink & Egg packets, Mattle Energy Drink & Grapefruit packets, Mattle Energy Gelatin packets, Mattle Energy Roll-On Packets, Mattle Energy Foam Packs, Mattle Energy Gelatin packs, and Mattle Energy Polymyx Pouches. In addition to these products, the FDA has approved the following technologies: Automatic Identification and Verification System (AVIS), Biometrics, Computer-assisted Revitalization of Brands (CVR), Corrosion Determinement of Non-Woven Fabrics (CDN), Electrochemical Characteristics of Methylated Polymers (ECN), Incorporation of Electronic Microstrip Labeling (EML), Optical Characteristics of Paper and Overload-bearing Fibre (OCF), Promotional Marketing Devices (PMDs), Thermal Transfer Roll-Off (TVRO), and Ultrasonic Fingerprint Technology (UTL). The technology which has been approved is available to manufacturers at affordable prices and can be used to create a variety of label designs that meet the requirements of FDA and industry standards.

When using a labeling equipment by a qualified manufacturer, you can rest assured that you are purchasing quality products with many years of experience behind them. Using the proper labeling equipment ensures that your product labels will adhere to the strictest industry standards. A labeling manufacturer will work with you to determine the proper application technique and labeling system that will work best for your product. In turn, you can count on their expertise in developing superior labeling solutions which will meet all your labeling needs while adhering to FDA and industry specifications.
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